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About us

HIILI designs and produces sets, special construction and High-end furniture for media productions, events, businesses and museums. We provide passion combined with skills in design, production and in cases when solutions cannot be found elsewhere.

By combining creativity and wide ranging know-how we have become a company that does not run out of ammo. When only the best is required we form a DIAMOND.


Due to our extensive experience we find innovative solutions without forgetting the specific needs of projects. We believe that our across the board knowledge from the world of scenery and special construction makes us what we are and makes us stand out.


The roots of our company lie in television and film productions. We offer our services to set designers and production companies, studios and festival stages, or in other words anywhere where a vision requires a quality producer.


A stone that isn’t stone and rust that isn’t rust? When you want an unforgettable singular element or fully unified theme for your event, we are the right partner. With the same skill set we also produce high quality furnishings from shops to museums.


Quality is our passion! We produce your already planned designs as well as those still unfinished ideas with absolute confidence both in Finland as well as the rest of Europe.

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Contact us

Our production facility and office are located in Kiitoradantie in Vantaa, Helsinki. You can reach us best by email at or by phone at +358 50 4067 229.

Katja Koivuluoma