Stage setup for events


Stage setup for events

Our sets will make your event look like your vision

HIILI offers unforgettable and impressive specialty construction not only for events, but also for other specific situations and needs. We produce high end furniture and special construction all the way from shops to museums.

No matter how unique your project is, you can turn to our sales team. Our contact information can be found here » 

If you are wondering whether or not your idea can be done in reality, please browse through our previous projects. There are always multiple ways to do things and pictures from our past work illustrate just how varying projects our team can do!

FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2017 - rampit


During the 2017 Skiing World Cup in Lahti we created specialty construction for Audi cars. The elevated ramps were very effective in ensuring maximum visibility during the event.

Client: MKTG

Our Urban Living Room

An installation by Danish architecture company Cobe which we built at exhibition space Laituri in the fall of 2018. The purpose was to challenge the viewer’s conception of a traditional space and homelike living room.

Client: Grano

Clash of Clans - stone head

We made this almost 3m high stone head for a Clash of Clans YouTuber tournament. Even though it is not real stone, it still weighs several hundred kilograms.

Voice of Finland - hand statues

KUVA: Jari Suomalainen

Not many know that we made 3 different sizes of hand statues for The Voice of Finland. They can still be seen on the show. The largest of them are 5m tall!

Slush - Founder stage beams 2018

Kuva Slushista. Kuvaaja: Hannu Iso-OjaKUVA: Hannu Iso-Oja

From the audience one might not have realized how massive the beams were that we built as the backdrop for the Slush 2018 Founder Stage. We made a total of 64 of these 6m long beams to be used as projection surfaces.

Finnair - Hear the Taste

Finnair_hear_the_tasteKUVA: Jari Suomalainen

As a part of Finnairs Hear the Taste -campaign we created custom stand with glass walls. In this gorgeous stand, you were able to enjoy the atmosphere of the theme.

Client: MKTG