Set design and production


Set design and production

Bring your imagination to live with scenery!

Create a visually impressive production and a pleasant experience for the audience with well-designed and skilfully built sets. At HIILI we offer high end scenery services for TV and movie productions among others.

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Our team is happy to help with your vision!

On these pages you can see in advance what kind of sets we have made and what shows we have had the honour of working on.


suomilove lavasteetKUVA: Antti Yli-Fossi

The sets for the super popular Suomilove are made by us. The gimmick of this set is that the stage spins towards an unexpecting viewer at the beginning of each performance.

Client: Warner Bros.

Hyvät Katsojat

This interactive game program was first shown on Finland’s national television network YLE in the fall of 2018. The delightfully colourful scenery along with its giant remote controls were made by our team.

Client: Endemol Shine

Voice of Finland

Kuva Hiili:n rakentamista lavasteista Voice of Finlandille. Kuvaaja Jari SuomalainenKUVA: Jari Suomalainen

Known for its rotating red chairs, the sets for The Voice of Finland were constructed by HIILI’s skilled team.

Client: ITV Studios Finland

Clash of Clans 2017


We designed and constructed the studio set for The Clash of Clans 2017 YouTuber tournament. Along with overall quality, specialty painting is one of our strengths. In this set you feel like you are inside the game!

Client: Supercell

Kaikki vastaan 1


Kaikki vastaan 1 (All against 1 ) is a liveshow where one contestant competes opposite whole Finland. HIILI have produced the studio set up for the show in all 3 seasons.

Client:  Banijay Finland

What Would Yor Kid Do?


In the Spring 2019 TV- quiz What Would Your Kid Do premiered in the Finnish television. This amazing set up is one of our proudest handprints.

Client:  ITV Studios

Jättekiva - 2nd season

We were happy to be a part of the set up crew in second season of Finnish comedy called Jättekiva. First season was filmed in a location, but in the second season  for the second season we had an honor to duplicate the apartment of the main characters in the studio.

Client: Zodiak Finland