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1. Registrar
Production Mill HIILI Oy
Company ID:2812580-9
Kiitoradantie 14
01530 Vantaa
050 4067 229

2. Registers of Production Mill HIILI Oy
• employee register
• customer register

Usage of personal information
In order to carry out its tasks Production Mill Hiili processes the personal information of clients and employees. Personal information is gathered in accordance with the 8§ of the Personal Information Protection Law, chapters 2, 5 and 56. Information is gathered from the person / business directly. The registry includes basic information such as name, email, phone number, address, social security number, bank account number and a company’s order and billing history.

Hiili does not relinquish information outside the EU and the European Economic Area.


Right to revise personal information
If you want to check, edit or remove your information from our system, please contact katja (a)